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Mid-Michigan Personal Training

For Your HEALTH, Performance, & LONGEVITY.

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Through PERSONAL TRAINING you are able to improve your overall health, fitness, figure, and/or body composition!

Anyone who wants to reach their peak fitness level, improve their exercise routine, or start exercising with the help of a little motivation are perfect candidates for personal training! Training can be helpful for those with an existing health condition, illness, or injury. Examples include; people with asthma, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

Your goals may include:

Decrease Body fat.

Increase Muscle mass.

Increase Health & longevity.

Improve Cardiovascular endurance.

Lower Stress & anxiety

Decrease Joint pain.

Decrease Osteoporosis.

Increase Range of motion and Flexibility

Get Stronger

Improve Balance

Personal TrainingTaylor has thousands of hours hands on experience working with
clients of all ages. From the youth adolescent, athletes,
adults, and the elderly! To involvement in
research, training, development, and implementation of the
latest areas of health, training, and fitness.


Sessions range from private to group training and half to full time slots!

Call or email today for pricing and specifics!

LET’S customize and build a workout program tailored to your health/fitness goals and accommodates your schedule today!